What about Blu Ray?

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Ah, this little gem didn’t last long did it? http://www.blu-ray.com/info/

So this was basically the upgrade of the DVD and tape player. You had HD on a disc basically. Was it worth the money? Maybe. Did i buy them ? No. You had to buy new equipment and tools to watch these. Things which cost a ton of money like on this site: Argos

Not only did it cost a lot, but it wasn’t very popular. None of my friends could afford these blu ray players and we just went to the cinema instead. Although it maybe worked out more expensive. It was worth it. I remember adverts for blu ray and got so excited back then. Not anymore though. I miss the DVD era and when everything was so simple! Nowadays, its all online and it costs more too. I may begin selling DVDs (my old ones) heck! they maybe worth a lot of money now. Who knows? I could give it a go on Ebay. I know they love to sell junk.


This era lived and died a painful death. It was never going to create the same magic as the DVD.

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