Why Transfer Your Videos / mini-DV to DVD, VCD or SVCD?

Unlike videos, CD formats do not deteriorate over time. This is due to the media that the images are stored on. Video media is magnetic and can be affected by magnetic devices such as speakers, monitors and other magnetic field producing devices.  Another reason is indexing, find the scene(s) you want when you want without all the hassle of remembering want counter number your scene was at.

  • Videos Fade over time, DVD’s don’t.
  • Indexing, find scenes easily and fast.
  • DVD’s take up less physical space.
  • DVD’s don’t get chewed up in your player, unlike videos.

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What will the DVD, VCD or SVCD video look like?

Your DVD, VCD or SVCD will auto load with a video menu after the disk has been inserted into your DVD player. This will enable you to select the main video sequence you wish to play. Titles (optional) can be added to each main video section to add style and or to make the video clip more obvious.

Each main video will then be broken down into in chapters for easy location of the clip you want. You may wish, prior to sending your video into YourVHStoDVD.Com, select where you want the chapters to begin. This can be achieved by using the counter function on your video player and or mini-DV player.

Each DVD, VCD or SVCD arrives presented in a professional DVD jewel case.

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What can I expect?

  • Auto Loading CD that presents you with a menu (if more than one video transferred onto DVD).
  • Titles for each menu item mentioned above (optional).
  • Each main video chaptered (indexed) according to your requirements.
  • Professional DVD jewel case (If CD format).
  • And of course, your original source video(s) returned to you unharmed.
  • Your precious video memories preserved for at least 100 years.

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