Transfer your Photographs:

Why transfer your photographs to video / DVD? 

Transferring photographs to video or DVD will help preserve your photographic memories. If you have any legal issues with these products/ services, contact us at 

These transfers are commonly known as ‘photo or video montages’. A montage is a series of still photographs that play for a pre- determined length of time, usually set to a complimenting background music for extra viewing pleasure.

Photo/Video montages are often produced for:

  • Special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, christenings, graduations and birthdays.
  • Tributes honoring the life of a deceased loved one 
  • Church, school, civic and business events, trade shows, exhibits, etc.
  • Whatever you like!!

What does a photo/video montage look like?

Your photo montage will open with broadcast quality titles and then each photo is displayed for approximately 10 seconds.

The photos are digitally processed and arranged such that the first photo fades out, the next photo is smoothly faded in. In addition, and where our editors deem appropriate, special transitions are artfully incorporated .

Music of your choice is incorporated into the montage.

The photo montage will be authored onto a format of your choice, either DVD, VCD, SVCD, VHS or S-VHS.

If you opt for a cd format, the photo montage will arrive presented in a professional DVD jewel case.

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