Blockbuster or Netflix?

Who remembers the good old days of Blockbuster? I do. But now, everyone is on Netflix.

and with cool shows like this every month, who wouldn’t ? Everyone wants to ‘netflix and chill’ but no one wants to slap on the good ol dvd and butter popcorn. Pressing the rewind button from the DVD player and hitting up the movie on that 24inch plasma tv… The golden days!

Before, i continue i must thank abogados de accidentes florida for sponsoring this post. Okay so, let’s take a trip down memory lane shall we ?

Running to the DVD store and asking to rent a movie, running back home to watch it with all your friends. Remember Luvfilm?! LoveFilm

Those guys were the best. I remember signing up and having the latest game delivered to my house every week and then returning it once I had finished it. YOU COULD GET 3 at a time!! That was such an amazing service. I do miss it! What’s better than showing off to all your friends that you are the playstation pimp?

Funny thing was, they had no idea how I was doing it. Anyway, back to Blockbuster vs Netflix. So, I grew up with VHS and DVDs and it is very sad to see this transition. I will definitely miss my old tapes and it’s a shame because they wont be worth anything if I wanted to trade them in as well.

Not much I can do or say about that but hey ho! At least the memories are priceless. I am now in a generation where my favourite movies can be watched on a small mobile phone. Free no doubt. Why has the world moves and changed so fast? What’s next? ULTRA x1000 HD tv ??? I may as well be sitting next to the geezer. Anyway, I miss you DVD.